wanda dunaway

Welcome to my professional page. If you have found your way here, you have probably seen my resume and are interested in seeing more. In case my CV hasn’t yet made it into your hands, see below what makes me an Innovative Solution Strategist (from The Genius Habit). I look forward to continuing the conversation live.

my resume

I’m a strategic, client-facing marketer who is passionate about what we can accomplish when sales and marketing work together and with other parts of the business to bring solutions that our clients want and need. After taking a detour into sales, I am looking to bring my breadth of experience and financial, analytical, and consulting mindset back to a marketing leadership role. 

My managers and peers describe me as highly organized, driven to solve problems creatively, and a collaborative leader who builds culture and cares about her people and company. The experience I gained in marketing made me a better sales leader, and my time in sales will make me a better marketing executive. My strengths in marketing include launching products, developing sales tools, and building relationships in the industry to show thought leadership.

my portfolio

The items in my portfolio represent some of the marketing projects for which I provided content and creative direction. Above each project, you can find a more detailed description of the venture and my leadership involvement. Be patient – some of them take a bit of time to load.