COVID-19 and NYC’s shelter-in-place order has given everyone more time to watch TV. Here are the series and movies that have helped get us through the time inside.

  • Schitt$ Creek on Netflix
    I know a lot of people are chalking up 2020 as a loss, but I don’t agree. Even if there was nothing good about this COVID-19-distressed year but the joy of discovering Schitt$ Creek, it remains a annum to remember. This touching and hilarious story of love and growth demands that you adore each highly-flawed member of the Rose family. I have rewatched the “Simply the Best” lip-sync serenade scene more than any other scene in TV history, and it moves me every time.
  • Ozark on Netflix
    It’s dark and violent, but you are totally rooting for the Byrde family to make it through the money-laundering drama, even when they do stupid things that threaten to get them all killed by the cartel.
  • High Maintenance on HBO
    It was a little confusing at the beginning because only one character continued to show up, episode after episode. Once we figured it out, we fell in love with the series of NYC vignettes seen through the eyes of a marijuana deliveryman who traverses the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan on his bike with a lot of heart and a lot of soul.