product collections

My role in each of these collections was to set the overall vision and manage the launch. In collaboration with internal designers and our external agency, I contributed direction and feedback for the product design through feedback from our sales team and clients, developed the project brief, set direction for the photoshoot (including choosing furniture/props and product colors with the product designer) and collateral content, created a product folder layout strategy for ease of use for the account managers and clients, set the pricing, and forecasted the product sales.

cut and compose
Created as a portion-of-proceeds collection in partnership with The Center for Green Schools, earning a finalist position for a Halo Award from the Cause Marketing Forum in 2016. This tearsheet is an example of one of the many pieces of collateral developed as part of the launch.

This collection provided a modern visual with colors to appeal to both the education and workplace market segments. In addition to the traditional sales tools, we also created an event-in-a-box for our sales team, consisting of various objects to photograph, filters to “alter” the images from our clients’ mobile phones, and a photo printer.

virtual spaces
This collection was developed to fill a void in our geometric product offering for the education market. The tear sheet is a quick overview of the collection and is part of the suite of tools developed for the salesforce.

all access
A smaller launch, we added this scaled-down photoshoot to another large collection launch.

light series
My first collection. For the photoshoot, we projected color and light onto the walls to mirror the carpet tile patterns. We created two separate tear sheets for the education and workplace markets, utilizing renderings for the first time. Visualization has come a long way since these examples.

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