IMG_2517I stopped blogging for a while because I didn’t enjoy it the way I thought I was supposed to do it. My friend Stacey encouraged me to post about my vacation in my own way, which happened to be in the form of a spreadsheet I created as we were planning the trip. You won’t read a lot of flowery language here or see beautiful photos, and you might see several posts at once because the mood struck me or I got behind as the week progressed.

My goal is to pay forward the help I receive from others in the worlds of food, drink, fashion, culture, etc. and to increase the odds that each experience will be amazing. Also, even though the blog is called The Wandarer, it belongs every bit as much to my husband, Derek. Thank goodness he has a similar palate, is an amazing cook and is willing to go on adventures with me. You’ll find that you will either have similar taste to ours and hang around or you won’t, which is ok. Happy Wandaring!

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