sushi by m

Instead of ordering in our usual Sugarfish weekend treat, we decided to venture out a bit Friday night. It was a tentative start, with raindrops beginning blocks away from our destination. Fingers were crossed for a covered space, and we were delighted to see the structure in place to shield us from the possible drizzle as we approached Sushi by M. Our reservation was for 6:00 pm and we were surprised to see all four tables filled when we arrived around 5:55 pm. The host assured us that our table would be ready in around 10 minutes, so we huddled under a neighboring canopy to escape the intermittent sprinkle.

The 10-minute wait felt much shorter with the offer of sake from our host. The hospitality at Sushi by M is exemplary, with everyone doing everything they can to make you feel welcome and happy. There are two options for omakase – 12 pieces of sushi for $50 or 18 (with a few more premium options) for $95 – both with the selections for the night shown on the chalkboard brought out as the menu. We went for the lower-priced option and weren’t disappointed. The pieces were a perfect bite-size and went beyond the typical salmon and tuna to sweet shrimp, uni, and scallop. Each was sauced by the chef to highlight the individual flavor of the fish. We added a scallop/uni and toro/scallion handroll to complete the meal. This would probably not be enough for a lot of people, but we were just short of feeling full.

Sake continued to flow throughout the meal, and when the check arrived, we realized it was included in the pricing. With tax and tip, our total was $165. Sushi by M is definitely worth a try – just know that you will probably want to go for the larger omakase or add on a few items to satisfy your appetite.

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