marc straus gallery

We considered ourselves patrons of the emerging art scene in Atlanta when we lived there. I mean very emerging or in other words, very low cost to fit our budget. None of our purchases were for investment purchases. The requirement was just that we both fell in love to some extent with the piece. It was a little tough to only bring half of our collection to NYC with us in the move, but we’ve slowly retrieved almost every piece from my father-in-law’s basement.

We’re trying to find our way in the NYC art world – visited a few galleries here and there and bought one piece, a lucite sculpture by Phillip Low from Totokaelo of all places. Of course, our art-buying budget has greatly decreased as our cost of living has increased, and our walls are pretty full, but there is still the possibility of an interesting find out there.

Enter Marc Straus Gallery. Still not quite in our price range, but closer and fun to visit with each new exhibition. Opening night brought a world of amazement. The first floor was occupied by Antonio Santin whose beautifully-crafted textile renderings took our breath away. Piping vibrant paint into textural patterns and then spraying the shadows on top for dimension, Santine creates amazingly realistic two-dimensional compositions that appear as three-dimensional folded cloth.

The second level continued the textile theme with Sutures, a group exhibition of artworks that celebrates the crafts of sewing and weaving to create colorful and textural pieces with yarn, fabric, and other materials.

Photo from

Jong Oh appropriates the top floors with his architectural pieces crafted from string, nails, wire, stones, and plexiglass. The precision and illusionary quality he achieves mystifies the viewer and conveys serenity and fidelity.

Check it out while you can. On view until October 16, 2018.

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