wanda the movie

I’ll admit that the main reason I wanted to see this movie is that it is my namesake. As a 46-year-old woman named Wanda, I asked my parents how they came up with my name. They have always said they just liked it, and I have had no clue as to the origin until now. I received an email from the Alamo Drafthouse, our cinema of choice, advertising the movie Wanda. Not A Fish Called Wanda, just Wanda. The film was from 1970, just 2 years before I was born, so maybe there is a connection.

Regardless of the initial reasoning, viewing this film was the right choice. Props to Barbara Loden as the writer, director, and lead actor. The picture delivers beautifully framed shots, compelling personalities, and an engaging plot. Wanda is not a character most people would respect for her brains or her ethics, although she has a pretty face (see below – isn’t she beautiful?!?). Born in a coal town and willing to leave her children in an uncontested divorce because she believes “they will be better with him”, she finds two more paramours before the night is out and begins her adventure.


I won’t give away the ending, but you come to love the child-like innocence that is Wanda and root for her to rise from the ashes of her birth. It not likely the movie Wanda had anything to do with my naming, but I’m glad the title enticed me out to Brooklyn to see this masterpiece.

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