sake bar decibel

It is an extremely rare occasion that we are out and about at midnight, but we found ourselves in the East Village in need of food last night. My handy-dandy NYC Things to Do Map led us to Sake Bar Decibel, and it was nothing short of magical – like stepping into an izakaya in Tokyo. We were definitely some of the oldest people in the room. It was mostly a young Asian crowd, which made me feel very cool and in the know.

We ordered a carafe of sake, along with an Okonomiyaki (Japanese pizza), Ebi Shumai (shrimp dumplings), and a Mentaiko Chazuke (green tea over spicy cod roe rice with savory toppings).  All of the snacks were superb, but we have never tasted anything quite like the mentaiko dish – the bold and spicy flavors and varying textures of each ingredient coming together in each mouthwatering spoonful. We can’t wait to go back and try one of everything.

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