the four horsemen

We really never go out for three splurges in one weekend, but the timing just happened to work out. Bohemian, Mission, and Four Horseman – the trifecta. Next week will be our make-up week – it was totally worth it.

The Four Horseman has always been a prized natural wine choice for us, but the appeal of the restaurant rose when they introduced their $28 set lunch on weekends. We extended the binge a bit longer by starting with a glass of Domaine Mosse Moussamoussettes, which is a pink, natural, sparkling wine that is only available in the summer. For a bottle to enjoy with lunch, we needed some help finding the right fit for all of the courses. Billy brought three options (two whites and a red), and Derek and I both reached for the one he described as having oxidation on the nose with flavors of salt and flowers on the tongue. A golden, almost amber color, the wine had an almost silky fattiness and paired beautifully with the meal.

four horsemen menu

I have this strange thing where I always try to make my last bite the best. Out of the Ciabatta with roasted garlic oil; Radish Salad with walnuts, mint, feta and cumin vinaigrette; Chickpeas with romano beans, zhoug, and delfino cilantro; and Lamb Leg Skewers with grilled onions, yogurt, and dill, my final morsel was a piece of the ciabatta dipped in the oil. My second last bite was the ciabatta dragged through the last bits of yogurt, onion, and dill from the lamb course – it probably should have been my last because it was impeccable. You can see here that we didn’t leave anything.


There have been a few instances lately where the wine outshone the cooking, but not in this case. We almost forgot about the wine because the food was so delicious. Fortunately, we were able to savor the remainder leisurely after we finished with the dessert course of Orange-Almond Cake.

four horsemen food 2

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