looking back to the beginning

As Derek and I revamped the design of the site yesterday, adding thewandarer.com domain, and upgrading my WordPress account, we also found my original Blogger account and my very first blog post. Since it tells the story of why I began blogging, it seemed fitting to post again here.

This is my first blog entry, so I’m not really sure what to write. I was googling “club monaco alterations” to find out if it was really free to have my pants altered at Club Monaco, and I ended up at a blog created by a sub-5 feet girl who took the time to talk about the things she liked. The information was exactly what I needed and saved me a trip to the mall, so I impulsively clicked back to my gmail account, clicked on blogs and here I am. I would guess this blog will end up covering some of favorite things (like good food or good organizing tools), some of my frustrations (my job and finding decent clothes that don’t cost a fortune), some of my husband’s strange wonderfulness (like his addiction to the Tour de France and selvedge jeans) and various other ramblings. Derek came up with the name, and originally I didn’t like it, but I typed it in and thought it was cool enough to keep.

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