air’s champagne parlor

The first time I walked past Air’s Champagne Parlor, I was entranced. Every girl loves a bubbly, and served in a parlor – yes, please! Everything about this place is lovely – the vibe, the people, the food, and, of course, the drinks.

Let’s start with the wine. The list is extensive, with vintage champagne starting at $80 a bottle, and non-vintage bottles in the $50’s. Don’t worry, you can grab bottles of sparkling as low as $35. Air’s has chosen to sell its bottles for retail price, so you get the restaurant experience for home prices. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful with selections at all of the price ranges, and every choice we made was a winner.

The food is also worth the trip. The small selection is well-curated for quality and pairing with the bubbles. We had the Trifecta plate of 1/2 dozen oysters, a meat, and a cheese for $40. Rounding it out with some olives, our meal was delicious and satisfying. I still want to try the caviar and chips, grilled cheese, and caviar sandwich, so we will definitely be back. You can pretty much choose to make it a regular place to grab a drink or really treat yourself.

A couple more highlights. We were celebrating a friend’s birthday, so they brought us a trio of mochi ice cream treats. I dropped by the next evening because I thought I had left my sunglasses at the restaurant. The hostess not only spent several minutes looking in a few locations for my glasses, she first poured me a water and asked me to sit down at the bar while I waited, and then took my name and number and promised to call if they found them. I found them later, but really appreciated the hospitality and helpfulness of Air’s.

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