uncle boons sister

As the counter-service casual relative to Michelin-starred Uncle Boons, Uncle Boons’ Sister is a good option for fast, mostly-authentic Thai. Everything we ordered was good, but not as sophisticated or as well-done as Fish Cheeks, Uncle Boons, or Pok Pok. One of our favorite Thai dishes is papaya salad, and we were a little concerned when ours came pre-made out of the fridge for us to add the dressing, peanuts, and dried shrimp. Our worry was unwarranted because the ingredients were fresh and the flavors were on-point – some of the best dried shrimps I’ve eaten. The rotisserie chicken tasted great, and the sauces were interesting, but I would like to have seen a crispier skin and meat falling off the bone. We could take or leave the accompanying soup, and the rice that was served underneath the chicken was absolutely delicious. Our order for Phat Thai was based on Eater’s review, but we forgot to add the vital component of head-on shrimp, so we enjoyed the savory, tangy notes, but it wasn’t unforgettable. Uncle Boons’ Sister will be our go-to when craving Thai but strapped for time or unable to get into one of the aforementioned sit-down restaurants. Also a good option when budget is tight – three dishes, a beer, and a cider for $50.

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