lucky strike

You’ve got to love a restaurant that plays “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn”, “Ice Ice Baby”, and “Funky Cold Medina”, or at least I do. This French/American Brasserie has an energetic vibe with warm lighting that makes everyone look and feel good.

We started with the mussels, which were tender and delicious in an amazing buttery broth that demanded to be either mopped up with the crusty bread slices or finished off with a spoon. The side of shishitos was typical, but I’m always disappointed when these peppers are fried instead of grilled or roasted – no smokiness or depth.

Our salmon main dish was cooked to a proper medium-rare, but the plate really didn’t make sense sitting atop mashed potatoes, which quickly eliminated any of the slight crispiness of the fish skin. It was also a little strange that a ring of olive oil was placed around the outside of the potatoes.

We’ll go back, but probably stick to the mussels and maybe add more classic French dishes like Steak & Frites next time.

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