noodle bar @ brushstroke

The best bowl of Ramen I have had outside of Tokyo. We both went for the classic Tonkotsu the first time, and I reluctantly branched out next time. The duck miso ramen was just as good as the signature, and I will probably go for the lobster udon on our third visit. Luckily my husband is sticking with the tonkotsu so I can have a couple of bites. Spring for an appetizer too. We’ve had the gyoza and the daikon salad, and both were lovely. The daikon salad was a perfect blend of acid from the citrus, crunch from the daikon and rice puffs, and depth from the sesame. This dish made me realize what really appeals to me in food is a mix of tastes and textures that combine into a cohesive dish while retaining the flavors of the individual ingredients.

The sake is reasonably priced for the quality and pairs well with the ramen. If you want to splurge, order one of their listed cocktails or the old fashioned made with Japanese whiskey (the least expensive one is a good choice) before or after dinner.

It’s a bit of a speakeasy feel with only a few seats at the bar and a few at a communal table. They don’t take reservations, so we always go early to avoid the line. Don’t freak out over the price just because it’s a bowl of noodles – it’s worth it.

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