read the fine print

I’m a little frustrated because I just received a pop-up from Comcast Xfinity that I had utilized 90% of my data usage for the month. The frustration comes from the fact that I didn’t know that I had a data cap. My husband and I decided to switch back to Comcast last month after several years with AT&T in order to have faster internet speeds. It was not clear that we would be subject to a data usage plan of 300 GB when perusing TV/Internet plans on their website, and the representative who helped us sign up never mentioned the fact that we would be charged extra for going over this amount. After research, it appears that this is a “trial” in certain markets, and we happen to be in one of these areas.

We are still happy with the performance (after 3 separate visits from Comcast technical associates, including the installation of new cable lines) and will save money over the next 2 years (unless we go crazy with our usage), but feel like Comcast was a little shady in their advertising and sign-up process. As a marketer, I’m disappointed in the lack of transparency. Shame on us for not researching this or clicking on every fine print link, but at least we’ll point it out for other people to go in with their eyes open.

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